Unconference: Open Source AI/ML Tools & Technology for Product Developers

Speaker will introduce various open source tools and technologies for AI Driven Product Development. Talk will contains technical understanding and approach for different use cases such as Face Detection / Computer vision, Predictive Modeling, Transfer Learning, One-shot learning and deploying pre-trained AI / Machine learning models to mobile devices. Talk will also throw light on optimation and generalization of AI models.

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Chetankumar Khatri

Chetan Khatri is working as a Technical Lead at Accion labs, he has diverse experience in field of Data Science and Machine learning. He is a open source contributor at Apache Spark, Apache HBase, Apache Spark - HBase Connector, Elixir Lang and many other open source projects. He has been authored curriculum of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Distributed computing at KSKV Kachchh University, Government of Gujarat - INDIA. He has also reviewed couple of Books with Scala Machine learning, Tensorflow Deep learning, Machine learning for Web with Packt Publication. He has delivered many talks at Pycon India 2016, PyKutch 2016, FOSSASIA 2018

  • Distributing Machine learning with Apache Spark - Pycon India 2016
  • Think Machine learning with Scikit-learn - PyKutch 2016

Open Source Contributor:

  • Apache Spark
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache MXNet
  • ParlAI
  • Spark HBase Connector
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Accion labs Inc.