List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Start using the Kubernetes Gateway API now rather than Ingress

Have you been struggling to set up network load balancing and managing web traffic in Kubernetes?

The Ingress API in Kubernetes seems to be too basic and not expressive enough to help you accomplish what you need. You may end up with many downstream implementation details in your configuration that are not portable. It gets even more complicated when you have developers, operators and network engineers working on the same shared configuration.



但是去中心化只是手段,更好的社群才是目的。去中心化平台該如何處理不良內容,克服內容審核的不可能三角?去中心化社群媒體,很多人都聽過Mastodon,那你有聽過近期流行的Bluesky Social 嗎?Mastodon有什麼不好要去開發新的網絡協定?社群媒體演算法對用戶是壞東西?

從Mastodon到Bluesky Social,講者會分享去中心化社群媒體面對的內容審核難題,從技術角度深入解構兩個系統架構上的取捨。可是到最後,會發現最難的從來不是技術問題,還是人的問題。


How to build a powerful AI VR Virtual Assistant with AWS AL/ML service and OpenAI?

AWS AI Assistant is a serverless applications and integrates most of the AWS AI/ML services and Open AI.
The most popular tech news in 2023 is the raise of generative AI with Large language models. With those powerful pre-built model or AI API, we can build a very powerful virtual assistant with the combination and integration of all AWS AI/ML services with OpenAI API or Hugging Face pre-trained model. For my use case, I hope my students learn and use AI but I do want to have certain control and monitoring. So, we want to make it fun and powerful for my students.

Interesting cases and tips in 2 years of Postgres experience

I want to talk about some interesting cases and tips that I met when using Postgres in my daily job, which are topics general enough that most developer may also meet in their daily jobs (even for non-Postgres developers).

  • Why LIMIT 1 is MUCH SLOWER than LIMIT 100?
  • What's wrong with JSONB? (hint: it's TOO robust)
  • Efficient query using LATERAL subquery (from 8s to 0.08s)

How to use verilator

There are many different kinds of programming paradigm such as high-level coding and low-level coding. Verilog is another kind of paradigm, this talk will bring an introduction how coding in Verilog looks like and help audiences to jump start on it.

(廣東話) Programming 有幾種係人都feel到唔同嘅大,例如high level programming就同low level programming好唔同。而Verilog又係另一種好唔同嘅編程範式,希望係呢個talk為大家介紹同埋幫大家極速起手。

(書面語) Programming有兩大範式 : 高級語言(python/java)和底級語言(assembly), 而verilog是有別於以上兩大類的另一編程範式, 希望係此演講為大家介紹和令大家起步編寫verilog。

Matter matters! A brief intro to the new smart home standard and how Home Assistant supports it

In HKOSCon 2022, we discussed how Home Assistant could help to bridge the gaps between smart home products from different camps with local control in mind. We touch-based on the emerging yet promising Matter standard that hoped to resolve a lot of the interpretability challenges of different smart home ecosystems. One year on, products that comply with the Matter standard start to appear, and Home Assistant has also evolved to provide better support for Matter products.

Multi-robot autonomous exploration in 2D

This project demonstrates that multiple robots can collaborate to explore an unknown environment without GPS to generate a map with reasonable accuracy. This addresses exploration as a problem in the planning layer of the robotics domain. A frontier-based  exploration methodology will be explained. The main approach uses Rapidly-expanding Random Trees for frontier detection, and map merging for information sharing. The developed algorithm also makes use of existing solutions for SLAM, and path planning. The algorithm runs in a network of robots, and a master machine on ROS.

Introducing Unikraft: An SDK for fast, secure, and highly-specialized unikernels

Unikernels are specialized operating system images that execute a single application. Through extreme specialization they can provide high performance, small memory footprints, fast boot times, and a reduced attack vector.

This talk will provide an overview of Unikraft (, a Linux Foundation project that provides a toolikit for creating highly specialized unikernels by combining a set of micro-libraries to tailor down the operating system strictly to the needs of the executing application.

Proven software development workflows the OSS way, for your growing business

Many aspiring businesses in various industries need to make use of software as they grow. Open source software development workflows generally allows businesses to keep costs low, are scalable and are also proven to work across different locations, cultures and timezones. In this talk, Gary aims to share the importance of having a good software coding foundation for your business, especially if the business is not purely software-focused. He will share essential parts of a coding foundation that even the tech giants use, thus you can be rest assured of their proven scalability.

Build your AI-first apps faster with Semantic Kernel on Microsoft Azure

Semantic Kernel (SK), available on GitHub as an open-source framework, is a lightweight SDK that lets you mix conventional programming languages, like C# and Python, with the latest in Large Language Model (LLM) AI "prompts" with prompt templating, chaining, and planning capabilities. SK is accompanied by example apps and notebooks that illustrate how to get going quickly with LLM AI. Join us for an overview of this exciting new release from Microsoft, explore its core functionalities, and find out how to get started and working with Azure OpenAI.