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Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Open by default: trying to run a startup with open source culture in mind

We all love open source software and open culture, and of course we all want to contribute to and leverage the power of open source in our work. However when it comes to working in a startup, openness is often sacrificed to give way to work efficiency and business logic. In this talk I will talk about some of my experience(and failures) to be open source, and how our company is trying to be open by default without too much efficiency overhead.

LibreOffice: the current status of the most powerful OSS office suite

LibreOffice is a successor of and full-featured open-source office software. It is a large application written in 9 million lines of C ++, with an estimated 200 million users worldwide.  It has been known as a desktop application, but for resenting years the "online" version, which allows edit documents via modern web browsers, has also be developed, and mobile versions will also be available soon.

How to build an online learning platform that engages and educates students at scale with Amazon Kendra, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Translate,and more.


To be honest, none of the online teaching solution meets the real need of running online lab session. All existing online teaching solutions are just for online meeting or one direction broadcast! Teachers are 100% no way to know your students are really working on their exercise at home or they are just open the online meeting apps, and then doing other stuff!


Watch Trouble present a three-day workshop on ZFS in however little time the conference organisers were willing to allocate for it! 

We'll cover topics from filesystem reliability over snapshots and volume management to future directions in ZFS.

Guide to Responsible AI for Developers

The beauty of machines and humans working in tandem gets lost in the discussion about whether A.I. is a good thing or a bad thing. However, perhaps the most productive debate we can have isn’t one of good versus evil. The hard question is how we all can build technology designed in a way that augments human ingenuity and capabilities, human-centered and guided by principles that are core to human rights. Here’s the idea of Responsible AI that is proposed by global tech giants including Microsoft.

Emergency Response Demo - The Power of Communities

The Emergency Response application is a reference demo that showcases the Power of Communities. In particular, it clarifies how the accelerating pace of open-source innovation can be harnessed today on a micro-service, event driven architecture using the products that comprise Red Hat’s Unified Application Environment. It is deployed to and scales horizontally on the premier hybrid cloud platform for enterprise business workloads: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.