From 0 To 1, HK01 Internet Transformation With Open Source

HK01 is a well-known digital media company, but we are building something different currently. Our data driven jobs are powered by Kafka + Spark + TensorFlow. We runs 50+ micro services on Kubernetes. HK01 app is one of the earliest Apps of the world which fully build on ReactNative.

This talk will cover why and how open source helps us on both technical and mindset parts, while doing our Internet transformation.

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Alex Wang

Alex is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of HK01 and co-founder of Dadi01. He oversees the whole product and technology team of HK01 and lead the team to transform HK01 app into a super app as well as a lifestyle style platform for Hong Konger. He is a tech guy who started coding from the 1990s. Prior to joining HK01, he performed key leading roles to drive various successful cases related to technology in companies such as 9GAG, Yahoo and Alibaba. Alex is now a father of two lovely girls. Researching insects is his secret hobby.

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Hong Kong