Blockchain Scalability solutions - How to build decentralized exchanges

One of the main challenges for widespread adoption of blockchain technology is scalability. In this session, Lio will share insights of a decentralized exchange project Enuma is working on, which recently received an Ethereum Foundation grant for tackling scalability issue.

The current system of centralized exchanges and decentralized platforms has inherent weaknesses which limit its potential to service the rapidly developing cryptocurrency market. These weaknesses are also a hindrance to widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency as an asset class.

Lio will discuss payment channels, in particular Sprites, and how it addresses the inherent scalability shortcomings and helps improving the liquidity of the market and increasing efficiency, thereby making cryptocurrency exchange more transparent, orderly and secure.

Sprites was originally developed by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to overcome shortfalls in existing payments channels that limit transaction volumes. Enuma is excited to build one of its first real-world applications where it will help increase the speed of transactions whilst reducing collateral cost.

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Lionello Lunesu

Lionello is a top caliber architect and entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in both software and hardware. He pioneered and accrued broad expertise in blockchain, virtual reality, e-commerce, cloud computing, and IoT. In 1997, he founded one of the world’s first virtual-reality software companies, which was later acquired by a multinational company for its real-time 3D rendering technology. Fifteen of the flight simulators he built can be found at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington D.C. Since then, Lionello has led various development teams in both startups and multinationals across Europe and Asia. In 2010, Lionello joined Microsoft where he led teams on SQL Server, Windows, and the Commerce Platform. He is also a passionate educator and leader within technology communities and maker spaces, teaching developers programming and electronics. Lionello is fluent in English, Dutch, Italian, Mandarin and Romanian.

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