List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning Best Practices

MySQL powers many of the world’s largest and fastest-growing organizations.

In this session, you will get more practical, safe and efficient ways to optimize the MySQL database performance; gain tips and tricks and best practices to optimally architect the MySQL database; find bottlenecks and learn how to properly configure the database appropriately for your efficient database.

MySQL Fault Tolerant Best Practice - Lesson Learned from cases that I experienced

This session will share you the benefits, disadvantages and possible pitfalls of various with MySQL High Availability solutions (including shared storage plus Clusterware, Master-slave replication, Group Replication, and DB Cluster) and how to avoid the pitfall. I also will concludes my experience from several MySQL implementation projects, hope you may learn how to apply the right solutions for your applications and how to make the best from those solutions.

Raspberry Pi R3 - Scalable High Availability MySQL InnoDB Cluster and Apache Kafka® Distributed Streaming Platform - Resiliency Testing

Demonstrating "Real World Clustering and Distributed Processing Platform Scale-up"  technologies on a small scale and budget. Use Open Source technology and middleware to "model and mimic" high cost distributed clustered and/or supercomputer style architectures. Bench Test and manage and test Resiliency in clustered environments on "Real Physical Hardware" that virtualisation may never truly emulate.... and it's Fun!!!

Crossing Relation and Document Database using MySQL

Hybrid database with relational and Document for application becomes very popular.   A flexible schema with JSON datatype to allow developers to design a flexible data architecture is handy and simple in MySQL.   JSON data in data exchange no matter this is Mobile application or traditional application becomes a de-facto standard.  We need JSON data but we need relational database.   MySQL document store + X Dev API allows both trendy application design + relational model application to work together.  Come to hear from the talk, we will share the lat