Lesson Learned from a large scale MySQL Cluster implementing project

Does your database need to 99.999% high availability? Is it possible to linearly scale database capacity and throughput to accommodating the surge number of user?

Does your database need to reply queries in microseconds consistently event it is in peak time?

MySQL Cluster can fulfill all the requirements at the same time without compromise. This seminar will tell you what is MySQL Cluster - the most high end open source software of MySQL product family. By sharing you a large scale MySQL Cluster implementing case, it will show you how MySQL Cluster can achieve 5’9 high availability and high throughput that we claim. In last year MySQL Cluster became an important part of a large telecommunication carrier’s next generation Media On Demand system, which provides a stable service level during the World Cup, and offers their subscribers a great using experience. Furthermore, for their competitors failed to provide a stable service when they had record breaking concurrent online users during several important games of World Cup, they gain huge number of subscribers from their competitor. The stability and scalability from the MoD system supports many marketing campaign and events, now they are the largest media service platform in Taiwan. In this session I also will show you how we design and architect MySQL Cluster, what adjustment on the application tier had been done by their application developer match unleash the traits of MySQL Cluster? And how we handle planned interruption events (such as upgrading, adding nodes to extend the capacity) and unexpected events (such as host failure, power outage) and how MySQL Cluster minimizes the impact of the above events?

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