List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Embedded Linux on RISC-V with BeagleV, Yocto and OpenEmbedded

BeagleV is the first affordable RISC-V development board capable of running Linux distributions. RISC-V is a new computer architecture with an open instruction set which creates multiple new opportunities.

In this talk we will explore a beta version of BeagleV and learn how to get started with it. Using the Yocto Project, OpenEmbedded and appropriate board support package (BSP) we will build a simple Linux distribution from scratch and boot it on the device. The presentation will provide exact steps and quick introduction to Yocto and OpenEmbedded.

HK Independent Bus ETA - Ad-free App for Bus Estimated Time of Arrival

A significant number of people prefer road transport instead of the rail one. Providently, the number of express bus routes is increasing over the years, while some of their service time is limited to the rush hours. Estimated time of arrival (ETA) can definitely help one's traffic planning in different user cases, e.g., waiting 10 more minutes for the express route or taking a just-in-time long journey bus.

BoF - Raspberry Pi 400/ Compute Module 4/ Raspberry Pi Pico and more - let's discuss how to make your own things

Let's talk latest Raspberry Pi with your 'project'. It is under COVID-19 'painful' environment. though, Raspberry Pi has released many products - Raspberry Pi 400/ Compute Module 4 / Raspberry Pi Pico micro controller. Raspberry Pi is now not only hobbies and education use but also Embedded products for startup/Enterprise.

The intersection between open-source and blockchain: trust and consensus

Blockchain is an emerging industry moving at a lightning pace, even after 10 years since bitcoin was born. It shares a similar philosophy with open-source culture and tried to bring these values into the financial area. This sharing is going to cover why open-source plays an important role in blockchain business as well as how consensus in the community affects the whole industry.

Build and maintain Civil Infrastructure Platform by using open source projects

The Linux Foundation launched the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project to develop base layer, open source industrial-grade software for civil infrastructure projects, the CIP supports electrical and power grids, railway, shipping, and transportation systems, among other applications that are imperative to human life. Currently, there're several active workgroups in this project, such as Linux kernel, real-time, testing, security, and software update.