DApp Game - Blockchain random number generation method and implementation

When users realized that the "application" on the ICO was more important than the "token", the virtual currency began to decline in June 2018, prompting users in the market to pay attention to the development of the tokens. The development of DApp began to expand. The DApp industry recorded a turnover of 33.6 billion RMB in 2018. Almost 90% of the turnover comes from DApp games.

Because DApp game is built on the blockchain, it greatly restricts the gameplay. Currently, the common DApp games are: playing cards and dice.

This topic will introduce the DApp Gaming random number generation method on the market and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. And lead the audience together to implement the simple "solidity" version.

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They should learn basic C++ or Solidity programming.


Huang Shih Chin (Xixi)

Huang Shih Chin (Xixi), founder of Progressing Today Technology Co., Ltd., early players of virtual currency, DApp and four-year experience of Full Stack engineers.

Our team released the EOS fishing game at the end of 2018. Create a week of "30 million US dollars" of betting amount , almost becoming the top DApp leader. And in July 2018 joined the App Works #17 startup Accelerated Blockchain team. In October 2018, in cooperation with the Ethereum Community Grants (Ethereum Community Fund), the "Zero-Based Blockchain Engineer - Ethereum Smart Contract" course was launched.

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Taiwan, Taipei
Progressing Today Technology Co., Ltd. ( 微進科技股份有限公司 )