Introducing Open Technology to Hong Kong Education

Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association (HKCOTA) aims to promote Open Standards, Free and Open Source Software, Open Hardware, Free Culture Works, Open Content and Creative Commons. We are encouraging the adoption of Open Technologies by riding on the recent government policies to introduce Popular Science and STEM into current education system.

I will give a brief assessment of the current situation, what HKCOTA tried, lesson learnt and road ahead.

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Haggen So

Graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Dr. So is the president of the Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association and the public lead of Creative Commons Hong Kong. He is a visiting lecturer of the Hong Kong Community College and previously taught in Hong Kong Baptist University as lecturer in the department of Computer Science. Dr. Haggen So also has experiences in commercial software development and developed software products for renowned companies such as Kodak.

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Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association